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The Secret Feature

If you have ever wanted butt lift jeans these are it, choose the look you want with optional padding for that exhilarating feeling of freedom.

By putting the ultimate in shapewear innovation into every one of our jeans, Secret Jeans offer extreme comfort with super soft denim. These flattering jeans keep your shape looking fabulous.

The undetectable enhancing removable padding creates a curvier look. You can't even feel that they're there with the inner built in pockets.

Apart from being the most flattering jeans you'll own, they will also hug and control where you want it most. Imagine finally having the shape you've always dreamed about just by wearing them!

Secret Upp Jeans come with a set of padding already in place, not enough to give you a larger booty but enough to give the shape that other jeans often flatten out. Dont want the padding? Easy simply remove it. What about extra, yes, you can use extra padding for an enhanced look it is entirely up to you.

These jeans suit all shapes and sizes here's why:-

1. If you are a slim body shape, you will understand how difficult it can be to find a pair of jeans that enhance your shape. With the smaller bottom you will need to go for larger pockets to create the look. With Secret Upp Jeans you will find that they just have a normal size back pocket shape, but what is exciting is that the secret compartment has pockets that contain thin padding. It gives anyone with a flat bottom a nice shape. 

It doesn't stop there either, a nice shape is one thing but what if you want more, yes you can double up with the padding, the result is amazing.

2. If you're a pair shape, you may have nice jeans but they seem to flatten you on the top of the bottom and push you down instead of give you a lift. With Secret Upp Jeans you will find one layer of padding in the secret compartment fills in the flattened area balancing you out in the bottom. Just amazing.

3. Perfect booty, lucky you. Secret Upp Jeans will work for everyone, you can remove padding because the jean has been designed to flatter you in all the right places, with a bonus that they are one of the most comfortable pair of jeans you'll ever own that are not jeggings or leggings.

4. Plus size, of course. Storm Queen Denim jeans are a snug fit, the fabric has been designed to control you in all the right places including flattening the tummy. You may or may not require the extra padding, but some plus size people report that they find most jeans flatten them out too much. This is where it can be fun experimenting with the padding in the secret compartment.

We've thought of everything, if you dont want anyone to know that you are wearing Secret Upp Jeans it's so simple, our brand logo on the right back pocket can be removed easily, no one will ever know.

Find out what shape works for you with a pair of Secret Upp Jeans, order now.